Jay's Bio


First off....thanks for stopping by to check me out!!!

So... who am I? Well, I'm a musician, songwriter, mix engineer, producer. I don't think I have a musical "preference" per se, but I have an inclination toward music that's aggressively expressive. Creativity is first and foremost in priority.

I started all this crazy shit when I was a kid. Mom saw me tapping away in the crib to some song at the time and put a pair of drumsticks in my hands! And there ya have it, instant musician. So, at the root of it all I'm a drummer and it's still what I do best. However....at some point (and I fail to remember when) I picked up a guitar and things changed. That damn guitar led me down the path I travel today! 

So I will end this half-assed "Bio" with a huge thanks to everyone who has encouraged me to step up and start a bit of self promotion! Without you people I would not be doing any of this! (Weird... I think I have some "Fans"!!)